Chrysler FR:

1892: Walter P. Chrysler working as a mechanic in a railroad roundhouse in Ellis, KS. While there, Chrysler made his own tools.
1894: Henry G. Morris and Pedro G. Salom construct and test a battery-operated car in Philadelphia, PA.
1895: Morris & Salom build 4 Electrobats, as they call their new car.
– Pope Manufacturing Co., Hartford, CT, manufacturers of the Columbia bicycle, builds an electric car, designed by Percy Maxim, son of the inventor of the Maxim gun.
1896: Morris & Salom form the Electric Carriage & Wagon Co., concentrating on electric cab production.
– A.L. Riker forms the Riker Electric Motor Co. in Brooklyn, NY. (One of the first Riker electric vehicles is in the Henry Ford Museum)
1897: Isaac L. Rice, president of Electric Storage Battery Co, and the Electric Boat Co., purchases the Electric Carriage & Wagon Co. Firm becomes part of the Electric Vehicle Co., Elizabethport, NJ.
May – Production begins on the Columbia Electric by the Pope Manufacturing Co. The vehicles are sold in the United Kingdom as City & Suburban Cars and in France as L’Electromotion.
1899: The automobile division of Pope Manufacturing Co. becomes the Columbia Automobile Co..
– The Riker Electric Motor Co. is taken over by Electric Vehicle Co. Production of the Riker car moved to Elizabethport, NJ, but the Riker Truck continues in production in Brooklyn, NY.
– Dodge brothers work for Canadian Typothetac Company in Windsor, Ontario. Organize the Evans & Dodge Bicycle Co.

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